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Update: The Herschel Sample Sale Is Still Crowded, Out of Backpacks

A Herschel case spotted at Men's Fashion Week in July
A Herschel case spotted at Men's Fashion Week in July
Georgie Wileman/Getty Images

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Update: A tipster who went to check out the sale Friday morning around 11:15am almost bother trying to get in because "the line runs all the way down the street. I'm not that passionate about anything in life." However, it ended up "moving super fast" — and that's probably because backpacks, messenger bags, and other popular styles we spotted yesterday were nowhere to be found.

So what is left? Hats, pouches, iPad cases, fanny packs, luggage, and some apparel from other brands. And as of 12:30pm, there wasn't any line. If you're curious about what we spotted on opening day, check out our original report below (reminder: this sale ends at 7pm on Friday).

H&M x who? Racked reporter Cecily Rus just headed over the the Herschel Supply Co. sample sale in the Garment District, expecting to find a small crowd vying for merchandise that starts at half-off, and instead found lines that rivaled those trying to get this morning's designer collaboration.

At about 12:15pm, the line stemming from the street-level space at 250 West 39th Street ran all the way down the block and even onto Eighth Avenue. But it sounds like there's good reason for it: There are plenty of backpacks, messenger bags, and laptop cases starting at just $20. Read what Cecily had to say about it below, and get a look at the merchandise in the gallery and the Dealfeed for more sale info underneath that:

"With only fifteen minutes allowed for browsing per customer, everything (hats, messenger bags, iPad cases, and backpacks) is literally flying off the shelves. But sales staff are restocking continuously, so don't worry about missing out quite yet. The sales staff is doing a good job of keeping people moving, but the line was still growing when we left!

"Hats ($20), sunglasses and iPad cases ($10—$15), wallets ($10—$30), and pouches ($5—$20) are piled on tables right in front. Along the wall on the left-hand side, you'll find suitcases ($70—$155), bins of Market XL totes ($30), other totes ($30—$40), hip packs ($10—$20) Strand bags ($30—$35), Ravine bags ($35), duffles ($40—$50), and briefcases ($30—$35).

"Backpacks are in the center of the floor, and there are tons of styles that are going from $25 to $50, depending on the style.Classic backpacks are $20 a pop, and select heritage bags are $40. There's a good mix of colors and prints for both.

"The kid's table is on the right-hand side leading up to the register. Kid's styles are $20, youth are $25, and lunchboxes are $15."