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Prabal Gurung's Sample Sale Once Again Brings Huge Discounts

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Prabal Gurung's signature edgy-yet-feminine aesthetic was on full display when the designer's fall sample sale opened in the brand's Garment District offices this morning. Covetable dresses, skirts, tee-shirts, coats, and shoes from a mix of seasons are available for at least 50% off. There isn't a ton of merchandise, but sizes range from 0 to 10 in the styles that are out.

Seasonally-appropriate apparel is the focus, with a rack of fur coats to the right-hand side of the room next to the door. Despite being at least half-off, these items are still hovering close to $5,000. A striped rabbit fur vest (originally $10,000) and a long fur-lined coat caught our eye.

Cashmere sweaters and other knits are stacked on the windowsill to the far right and on a table to the left, plus a few sweaters hanging on the racks as well. Sleeveless sweaters are $250—$300, and cashmere sweaters are $500. Shawls will set you back $100—$200, depending on the style. More colorways are coming up from stock in the sweaters and shawls, too, sales associates told us.

Dresses, pants, skirts, and tops are spaced throughout the racks. Prices vary per piece, but we spotted discounts ranging from 50% to all the way to 90% off. Expect to find lots of pieces with abstract prints, like silk sheath dresses for as much as 85% off retail, and skirts for around $150. Be warned that these are mostly size 2, but we did see lots of size 4 and 6, and a few 8 and 10.

On a fancier note, a black and pink dress embellished with paliettes and fringe is half-off. In gowns, the styles that are out are incredible in both design (see the black and white beaded style in the gallery above) and price, with discounts at about 80% off. For pants, we spotted tailored trousers for $445 and leather pants for a mere $250.

Tops are spaced intermittently throughout the racks. We noted a silky shirt embellished with feathers and fringe, originally $2,500, for only $250. Tee-shirts are stacked on the left windowsill and are priced at $50. There are short- and long-sleeved styles available in various prints. Belts are off the racks as well, and are going for $25. There weren't very many out this morning, but sales staff said that they'll be bringing more up throughout the day.

Shoes were also being brought up, and we spotted a good mix of sandals ($250), pumps ($225), and booties ($250). There appeared to be a full range of sizes for more styles, but the staff wasn't certain what exactly is in stock. We spotted mostly 37s, 38s, and 39s.

Sales staff is in the process of unpacking and bringing up 24 (!!) more boxes of clothing, which we heard is mostly knits and sweaters. Be warned that there are no dressing rooms, and the crowd this morning was not shy about stripping down in the middle of the space. Check out more details on the sale, which ends tomorrow evening, in the Dealfeed below.