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The Vince Sample Sale Has Steep Discounts on An Amazing Seasonal Selection

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We walked into the preview for the Vince sample sale at Chelsea Market this morning, but now that it's open to the public, we suggest that you run. The selection of seasonal styles is astounding, and everything is so easy to browse with the space perfectly organized by size.

The women's section is to the right, and the men's to the left of the door. First up are women's sweaters, which are going for $99 (originally from $165 to $195) or $119 (from $325 to $495). Sizes XS and S are the most common, with only two racks for L and XL. Leather pants ($199) and skirts ($129) are to the left of the sweaters. The pants come in a delightful array of colors, and all sizes are well-stocked.

The rack of jumpsuits ($119) in the back is worth checking out if you're a size 2, since that's what most of them are. There's a pretty good selection of outerwear for $179, with styles ranging from black wool walker coats to fur-lined parkas. We noted a white parka with rabbit fur on the hood (was $1,295) and a cool olive green bomber with coyote fur (was $495). There are also lightweight jackets going for $149. Those luxurious rabbit fur vests, among other pieces, are going for $499 (from $995), but there is only one rack of fur items.

Blouses are $79 and found towards the middle of the room. There is a huge range of colors, styles, and sizes, but sizes 0 and 2/XS and S are the most plentiful. We spotted classic silk surplus blouses, as well as a stunning painterly button-down (was $345). There are tons of silk short-sleeved blouses in solids and prints, too.

There's a fantastic selection of dresses for $119, and all sizes from XXS to XL are well-stocked. A black and white striped shift dress with pockets (was $395) and a maroon printed maxi dress (was $495) especially caught our eye. There were a few wool and cashmere ribbed sweater dresses (were $395) as well.

Leather and suede jackets are towards the back and are going for $279, but the colorways are all bright and trendy. We didn't spot a single plain black or brown style, but there are a few with black panels (were $1,295) and a nice light tan bomber (was $895).

Be prepared to do some mental math with shoes, which are stacked on a table to the left of the leather jackets. Booties, sneakers, sandals, and espadrilles are 60% off retail price, and we spotted everything size-wise between a 5 and a 10. Luckily, there is some back stock to be put out — all of the styles we saw were being furiously snatched up at the preview.

There's one rack of jeans and another of skirts (both $79) in the back, but the pants and knits take up most of the bottom floor. The knits are priced at $19 for items with a retail price of $48—$68, $29 for original prices from $78—$98, and $49 for those previously between $110 and $165. Pants are $89, and are mostly size small, but there's a decent selection for all sizes.

The men's items are to the left and not nearly as plentiful as the women's side. There's only one rack of a single leather jacket style ($279) and no shoes. There are a few styles of knit pants in sizes S—XL, and a couple racks of wool trousers ranging from size 28 to 36 (both $79). Woven shirts are $59 and are mostly in loud prints, but we did spot some pretty tame chambray styles. There are plenty of plaids, stripes, and geometric prints in all sizes from S—2XL.

The knits, which are running at the same $19, $29, and $49 intervals as the ladies', are mostly short-sleeved cotton tee-shirts. There are some hoodies and long-sleeved items mixed in, too. Sweaters are $69 (retail $148—$195), $79 (retail $210—$295), and $99 (retail $325—$395). Jackets and outerwear are $149, and are mostly bombers and wool suit jackets.

There is definitely something (actually, lots of things) for everyone. Fitting rooms are available as large curtained-off areas at the back, and there are separate ones for men and women. Check out the Dealfeed below for sale times and more details.