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Misha Nonoo Sample Sale Apparel Has Even Better Prices

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When we stopped by the Misha Nonoo sample sale yesterday afternoon, what first struck us was the small, quiet nature of the set-up. The sale has five displays total, with four racks and one table. They were all filled with the best of the best of both Misha Nonoo stock and samples, and they were all easy to look through because, well, we were the only ones there. However, a sales associate assured us that earlier, things were a little crazy.

We started with the fall 2015 stock that's an impressive 35% off. The discounted prices were written on the tags, and sometimes, they were even cheaper than promised (like a fur coat that went from $1,650 to $450, pictured above). Pieces ranged from chunky wool dresses ($355) and black jumpsuits ($515) to hefty fur jackets ($420), all fresh from the newest collection and each available in at least a couple of sizes.

However, if you came in search of steep bargains, then make a beeline for the samples, which are located on the two racks opposite the stock. They're even cheaper than the last sale in June — this time around, dresses are only $80, and you can score yourself a fur jacket for only $200.

Skirts ($60), sweaters ($60), tops ($50), pants ($70), and blazers ($80) of varied colors and cuts make up most of the display, and they're all one-offs in the traditionally small sample sizes. At least one piece seemed to be very lightly stained, so make sure to inspect everything before you head behind the racks to try things on in front of the mirror.

Not among this sale's offerings? Shoes. No Manolo Blahniks this time — they must all at the surprise sample sale at The Warwick Hotel. Instead, there's a table of soft, thick sweaters and sweater dresses, all at around $200.

Tomorrow's your last chance to shop the sale (unless there's an extension again), and there won't be any restocking. Check the Dealfeed below for details on when to drop by.