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Soho's Brand New Sock Shop Is Endorsed by Rihanna and the NBA

Courtesy of Stance

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If the thought of buying another pair of basic white socks bores you, take a peek at Stance, the new sock shop that opened last week on Broadway's shopping stretch in Soho. Besides the actual space's awesome vibe (it's been renovated back to what it would have originally looked like when the building was erected in 1912). the socks are no joke. In fact, the NBA recently picked it up as its official on-court basketball sock.

In addition to that collaboration, Stance offers a variety of different collections, from its tricked out performance snow and run socks to its women's collaboration with Rihanna. They also just released a special Star Wars sock in honor of the upcoming movie. But socks aren't the only thing that Stance offers — they just launched a men's underwear collection with three different fits made from super-soft fabric (we checked, it's really soft).


The store itself is seriously cool. It's got an art wall that's dedicated to its "Punks & Poets," a group made up of all sorts of interesting people that both inspire and represent the brand, from NBA star James Harden to pro surfer Mikey DeTemple. A segment of the actual floor is glass so that customers can have a look down into the Canvas Room where all of the customized socks are made.

$28 gets you your very own unique pair of Stance socks, which is arguably the most fun part about this store. The Stance Canvas Experience is where guests can play around with a variety of designs, colors, and graphics to create a customized pair (hello, holiday shopping!). And once a customer's design is complete, it gets sent down to the Canvas Room where an operator picks it up and begins the actual production process, which includes dyeing — not inking — the design into the sock fibers.

The Soho flagship is the brand's first official store (there's a pretty cool design studio in California, too), and there are plans to open up a second location in 2016 outside of the city. The location, however, will be chosen based on the actual site, and not its geographical location — for Stance, finding the right space is the most important thing.


510 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA