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The Marimekko Sample Sale Is Only Worth It for Linens and Accessories

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We arrived at the Marimekko sample sale at 9:30am, a full hour and a half before it opened to the public, eager for what we'd find. The Finnish company is known for its bold patterns and unique styles, and we went in expecting a sale to match the fun vibe of the brand. But while there were significant discounts and a pretty diverse range of patterns, a closer look reveals that not much has changed since last year's sale.

For those coming in search of cute glass and ceramic home goods, don't get too excited: There were just one or two shelves with a thin selection of adorable teacups and printed tins, and by this point, we're assuming that it's already been picked through.

But if you're coming for bags (ranging from $10 to $100), bedding ($15 to $50), and towels ($10 to $20), you're set to go. Whether you're looking for the brand's signature bold prints or swaying towards something more muted and sophisticated, you'll have ample choice for whatever size bed, towel, or carry-all you're looking for. There are even some big, squishy twin bed comforters ($50), fluffy robes ($50), and a whole slew of shower curtains ($30).

You're also spoilt for choice when it comes to accessories. Chunky wooden jewelry ranges from $10 to $20, and socks, hats, and gloves are never above $20. In fact, most things in the sale linger below $100, only jumping to $200 when you get to coats and outerwear (and since those normally retail at around $500, you can forgive it).

The clothing, however, looks pretty familiar. Many of the striped offerings look identical to last year's tops, and some of the prints look like repeats as well, begging the question: How much of the clothing is just stuff that people didn't want last year? The gallery above features some of the most common prints and styles on offer, and for the most part, the sizes have a good range. Single items of clothing tended to be on the smaller side, but mostly everything there had at least two or three sizing options.

A notably absent feature was the dressing room. Instead, early shoppers were trying the items on over their own clothes and asking other's opinions in lieu of a mirror.

There have been some changes from last year's sale. For one, the paper goods here are impressive, featuring cards and notebooks for only $5. There is also a large selection of oven mitts, as well as a set of trays — two things we couldn't find amongst last year's items.

Now. for the bad news: they seem to have upped the prices on things like fabric, which is now going for $20 a yard versus last year's $15, and duvets and duvet covers, which are up by ten dollars to $50. Towels have also crawled up in price ($20), and despite being on the price list, there were no Christmas ornaments to be found.

There also seemed to be the same issue as the last sale, where some items on offer are marked with a sale price that's less than what they're going for at this one. And for some items, like the ceramic cups and throw pillows, there doesn't seem to be a price at all. Once again, be sure to double-check what you're picking up before heading to the register.

On the upside, the staff say they will be restocking, and that any markdowns would occur towards the end of the sale.

To put it simply, fans of Marimekko will see past the higher prices and slightly inconvenient set-up for a chance to bask in the seemingly endless discounted designer patterns. Others might find a gift or two at a good price, but for the most part, this isn't a sale to rave about. See the details in the Dealfeed blow.