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Tribeca Fitness Studio Shutters, Citing Competition From 'Web Based Membership Program'

Tribeca Citizen

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Bad news! Drill Fitness will close its doors on November 15th – just one year at the studio opened. In an email announcing the closure, founder Winston Fisher hinted that ClassPass made it hard to run a viable business. He wrote:

While there is no doubt we developed a committed fitness audience at Drill Fitness, we unfortunately could not do so in sufficient number to support the expense of running the place. The business model for boutique gym has been shaken up by a rapidly growing web based membership program, and I have to acknowledge that the current Drill Fitness location is not economically viable in today's landscape.

ClassPass — the latest fitness craze (worth a whopping $54 million) that has given millions of subscribers across the country access to unlimited boutique fitness classes for $125 a month — prides itself on offering customers the best of the best.

The problem, and perhaps this is what Fisher is referencing, is that ClassPass caps users at three classes per individual studio each month. The push is discover different classes at a fraction of the cost. ClassPass works with each studio to agree on a rate, that will be paid "after the month's over, based on engagement and usage."

Drill Fitness

136 Church St, New York, NY 10007, USA