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The French Connection Sample Sale Has Sequined Everything For $75 or Less

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The French Connection sample sale opened at 10am this morning at 512 Seventh Avenue all the way up on on the 25th floor. The three rooms here are jam-packed with men's and women's outerwear, tops, accessories, and more.

Men's apparel is in the first room after coat check. There are mostly jackets ($40), outerwear ($50), and tops ($20), with a rack or so of pants ($30) by the windows. The selection of sport shirts and flannels, both $20, is impressive, and all sizes are well-stocked. For jackets, we saw mostly size 40. We liked a sweater with an embroidered squirrel motif for $30, and velveteen pants that are also $30.

There are also tons of hats, scarves, and gloves (all $10) on a table in the center of the room — and under it as well. Tee-shirts are going for $10, and sweatshirts are $25.

The next two rooms are women's items. At first glance around this section, the sheer amount of sequins is astounding; we noted at least one sequined style in every category of clothing. Blazers ($40), sweaters ($30), tops ($20), and some outerwear ($50) are to the left-hand side of the room, with pants ($30) and the rest of the outerwear to the right. There's a good range of sizes for all styles as well.

In here, a white tuxedo-style blazer stood out, as did a wrap-front black style with white details. A long faux-fur leopard print coat is both stunning and well-stocked. In tops, we liked a silky three-quarter sleeve style with a blue lightning print and contrasting black sleeves black sleeves, marked down from $128. A black and green sequined reptile patterned top looked nice as well, as did sequined tap shorts ($25) at the end of the rack of tops.

Once again, in the center of the room you'll find a table with scarves, hats, and gloves (all $10), with more accessories such as umbrellas and tights (both $10) underneath it. Skirts ($20) are on racks parallel to the accessories table, including a fun black knit crocodile-textured style.

Dresses ($40) are in the last room, with a table down the middle piled with tee-shirts ($10) and a few trays of jewelry (rings and earrings $5; bracelets $10; necklaces $15) at the end. Jeans are in boxes underneath the table, and we saw one box with bags (both $30) at the end as well. Small leather goods, such as an embossed smartphone case ($10) are in boxes on top of the table. A blue long-sleeved sheath dress stood out, as did a black and orange colorblocked sequined style.

There is one rack with leather items ($75) at the front on the left-hand side of this room, with a few styles of jackets and dresses. We liked a black and white halter-front leather dress marked down from $498. At the front right of the room there is one rack of jumpsuits ($40), like a red sleeveless style that'd pair nicely with one of those blazers.

There are no dressing rooms, and all merchandise is out on the floor. There was a fairly substantial line to get in when we left this morning, so expect a bit of a wait if you're stopping by today. The sale runs until 7pm tonight, and from 10am to 5pm 7pm tomorrow; Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.