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Yes, the Madewell Sample Sale Is Coming Back in December, Too

The Madewell store in Williamsburg
The Madewell store in Williamsburg
Driely S.

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If you've been holding your breath since the J. Crew sample sales were announced last Thursday, you can exhale now — once again, Madewell will have its own sale at the same time. You can find the little sister brand at steep discounts at 151 Wooster Street beginning Tuesday, December 1st and running through Sunday.

This past summer was the first time that sale host 260 Sample Sale spun Madewell off into its own venue, letting the J. Crew umbrella overtake all three of its locations at once, and to great success. Back in June, prices here topped out at $150 for wool jackets, plus tops for $15—$60, leather bags for $90—$130, and ankle boots for $100. Most of the selection was overstock, though there were a few true samples to be found in the mix.

But this sale wasn't without its problems: Smaller sizes weren't plentiful from the get-go, and in certain cases (okay, a lot of cases), items were available online for less than they were here, so you might just want to wait for those probably markdowns. Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.