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What You'll Find at the One-Day-Only SJP Collection Sample Sale

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This morning, we checked out the preview of the Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP Collection sample sale, While we were slightly disappointed to not run into the actress in the early morning hours, we were happy to find a seemingly endless amount of pumps alongside a smaller selection of flats, sandals, and boots.

Like the Manolo Blahnik sale, shoes were still in plastic bags, making it almost impossible to end up missing a shoe. They are neatly organized on tables by size, and the selection greatly varied from table to table. Sizing starts from a European 35 and runs through 42. Middle sizes are abundant; however, there are still tables with 42s and 35s ready for the picking.

Prices start at $80 for plain styles and then go to $136 for any with ornaments or embroidery, $163 for ankle boots, $212 for tall boots and $272 for anything that goes above the knee; see examples of what you'll find in the gallery above.

We were previously told that shoes would be available from the spring 2014 through pre-fall 2015 collections, but this morning we found many styles that are currently in stores right now. Blue satin pumps with an embellished jewel front (reminding us of a certain shoe from that Sex and the City movie) are currently on sale at Nordstrom right now, but at a higher price ($348 there, versus $136 here). We also saw a pair of bright fuchsia heels ($80), black rhinestone pumps ($136) and ruby red sandals ($136). Other styles like these cutout booties, t-strapped pumps, and skimmer flats were also at the sale.

The room is teeming with pumps, and non-heeled options are hard to come by. We did find some suede leather booties ($163), chained ankle moto booties ($163) and tall leather knee-high boots ($212), but they were rare and getting scooped up quickly. If you're not in the market for pumps and need some sturdier boots, you'll likely be disappointed here.

On the other side of the room, tables of handbags were left untouched — the main focus of the sale is definitely shoes. Pricing starts at $30 for small clutches, $75 for medium bags, and $100 for large bags. We particularly liked a studded structured hobo bag ($75), a fringed bucket bag ($100) and a suede crossbody ($75). Also ignored: two raincoat styles for $80 each. Check out the gallery above to see the coat in khaki and navy.

The sale was originally slated to open at noon, but a line of eager shoppers led to a change of heart and the sale is now opened at 11am sharp. Organizers still aren't sure what time the sale will shutter its doors — we're guessing once stock starts to run low. Right now, the tentative close time is 4:30pm. It's cash only, so make sure to stop by an ATM before you head out. Check out the Dealfeed below for the address.