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Trash & Vaudeville's Building Just Hit the Market for Nearly $12 Million

Trash & Vaudeville in 1981
Trash & Vaudeville in 1981
Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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Back in July, we discovered that punk clothing store Trash & Vaudeville was planning to leave its legendary St. Marks Place location after 40 years. This was yet another blow to the dwindling East Village retail community, and a shift in clientele was the main reason the store decided to uproot (too many bongs on the block). And now, the entire building at 4 St. Marks Place has hit the market, reports Bedford + Bowery — and for no small sum, either.

The spot is going for $11.9 million, which includes more than 5,000 square feet of retail space and four apartments, and hopes are high for what's to come. The Eastern Consolidated listing says that it's located in one of "downtown’s most vibrant neighborhoods." It also has an enviable history: Before Trash arrived in 1975, this address played host to the legendary Tempo Playhouse, and before that a circus. It was originally built in 1831 and sold in 1833 to Col. Alexander Hamilton (that's the son of the one that the musical is about).

Back in July, plans were revealed for the store to occupy a smaller space even further into the village at 96 East 7th Street, but when that's actually going to happen is still unclear. As for St. Mark's Place? We can only hope whatever's next will fill the need for a bold and experimental East Village staple.

Trash & Vaudeville

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