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Diane von Furstenberg Just Changed Her Mind About That Gansevoort Street Overhaul

Hold up.
Hold up.
Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images

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After news of the hotly-contested Gansevoort Street development proposal — a massive undertaking that would double the retail space of the area at the detriment of historic buildings like the Gansevoort Market and The Griffin — was announced, residents and public figures alike protested the plans with a petition garnering 1,800 signatures. Among them was Diane von Furstenberg, whose store and offices sit nearby on the corner of Washington and West 14th streets. But now we're catching her in something we thought we'd never see the designer in: a flip-flop.

WWD reports that DVF's reversal comes after further review of the proposal. "After reviewing the plans for the Gansevoort Street project in more detail, I have decided that I am not against it," she stated. "I have withdrawn my signature from the Save Gansevoort petition." This is a blow to both that campaign and Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, who have been working tirelessly to preserve the historical neighborhood from a retail and commercial makeover.

The proposal will be further discussed at a date-to-be-determined Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting after they've thoroughly reviewed all testimonies.