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The Best Selection at the Tabitha Simmons Sample Sale Starts at $125

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The Tabitha Simmons sample sale began at 12:30pm today in the Starrett Lehigh building at 601 West 26th Street, and we stopped by as soon as it opened to check it out. Don't worry, lots of very helpful signs from the elevator will point the way to the showroom, where shoes are stacked in boxes along the walls and racks of size 37s, 39s, and 40s without boxes sit in the center. While sizes range from 35 to 41 and it can vary per shoe style, sizes 37 through 39 are going to have the most success at this sale. We also noted a few repeats from the same event last year.

Shoes on the racks in the center of the room are $95, with boxed pairs priced according to colored stickers. Double-sticker shoes are less expensive, with two yellow stickers meaning $45, blue at $95, green at $125, and red at $195. If there's just a single sticker, blue means $225, yellow is $245, green is $295, and red is $325. From a quick look around, most of the shoes are going for $125, $195, or $225.

Two styles of Toms' slip-on sneakers are against the right-hand wall towards the front of the room. These are the only shoes we saw with a single yellow sticker ($45), and they are only available in sizes 6, 9, and 11. And on the rack of 37s in the back closest to the window (where there are nice views on better weather days), we spotted metallic point-toe flats in a few colorways ($95). With the exception of these, the selection here generally looks pretty outdated.

Off the racks, shoes that are going for $95 can be found next to the Toms in the front of the space to the right. We liked the Honor slingback pumps in oxblood patent leather the most, while other styles of note include Bailey sandals in blue iridescent leather ($325), Felicity perforated leather sandals in a few colorways (at $195, they're 80% off retail), wildly bright Gemma sandals ($195), Della pumps in a butterfly print ($125), and Helga oxfords in nude leather ($225); check these out and more in the gallery above.

The sale runs until 7pm tonight, and from 9am to 5pm tomorrow. There wasn't a line to get in when we arrived or when we left, surprisingly. Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.