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The Ohne Titel Sample Sale Has So Much for Just $50

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The price list ends with a smiley face at the Ohne Titel sample sale, which we stopped into today to see if the deals were just as good as last time — that should tell you all you need to know about the intimate and friendly atmosphere of the small but well-stocked sale space. While we did notice some overlap between this sale and the one back in May, today's offerings are fifteen dollars cheaper, with pants, skirts, and tops going for $50 and dresses going for just $75.

Much of what's on sale can be found in 2014's pre-fall, fall, and resort collections, but there are also several pieces that are one-of-a-kind, which partner Stephen is more than happy to point out. We couldn't take pictures in the sale space, but did our best to round up some of examples of what we found in the gallery above.

The styles are geometric and unique — not much happens on a straight line and most of the colors are stark and contrasting. You also can't really find more than one version of most items (although there are definitely some exceptions). It seems kind of on theme for the brand to have a slew of pieces to mix and match, with no two shoppers leaving with the same thing.

That's probably why the sales associates were so intent on helping customers with picking out styles, darting to different racks to find exactly what they had in mind. However, this only really works if you're a size small: While there is a rack of larges and two of mediums, the majority of the space is taken up with extra-small and small, and the pieces in general seem to run on the tighter side, so it's worth slipping into what you're interested in to make sure it fits before purchasing. Shoppers are welcome to change in the back and deliberate their choices out in front of the mirror.

While restocking is limited to just more versions of what's already out, the ad for the event itself boasts "steep discounts" on the last day. Check the Dealfeed below for details.