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Theory's Sample Sale for Men Is Polite, Relaxed, and Full of Muted Hues

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Update: As of Saturday morning, everything is an additional 20% off. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery above.

Theory's menswear sample sale began this morning at Chelsea Market, one day after the women's sale started uptown. We stopped by this afternoon and were not only impressed with the selection, but also with the polite and pleasant crowd. One thing to note about this sale is that overall, small sizes aren't well-stocked.

On the right-hand side are tables of ties for $49 and scarves for $59. There's also a shelf with hats for $49, and we spotted both baseball caps and beanies.

Next up along the right-hand wall is outerwear. Vests are $99, and coats are priced at either $179 (for styles retailing from $365—$395) or $259 (originally $400—$1,495). Sizes range from XS—2XL, with larges making up most of the racks. A navy blue parka ($259; was $690) stood out, as did another with a furry hood ($259; was $995).

Long-sleeve knits are to the left of the outerwear and are priced at $49. These are mostly plain crewneck long-sleeved shirts. There's a good mix of colors, but there are more mediums and larges than any other sizes. Short-sleeved knits are $39, and are again mostly plain crewneck tees. A style with a jazzy black and white print (was $125) stood out, as did a navy and black baseball tee (was $95).

Sweaters are $99, and we spotted crewneck, half-zip, and full-zip styles. This section has the most extra-smalls and smalls. Styles of note include a chunky black sweater with a geometric pattern (was $325) and a red henley (was $285).

While there are a ton of sport shirts, there aren't many smalls and extra-smalls again. Plain and patterned styles are equally well-stocked, and all are priced at $79. Next up are pants ($99), with sizes ranging from 28 to 40. One style of blue chinos is particularly abundant, with classic suit pants making up most of the racks. There is one rack of knit pants, with a pair of black joggers looking especially nice.

Sport coats are going for $209. A velvet style that is available in black and maroon is the most common, with black ones being few and far between. Sizes available are 36—48, with 38s and 40s having the most stock. The one rack of leather and suede jackets ($399) is at the front of this section by the window. There are about four styles, including plenty of a gray suede jacket (was $995) and a denim jacket-inspired leather style (was $1,295).

Finally, dress shirts are downstairs ($59), arranged according to size and regular or long length. Sizes range from 14.5 to17.5, with the most space dedicated to the 16s and 16.5s. This is where you'll find the dressing rooms, too.

The sale runs through Sunday at 5pm; Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.