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The Charlotte Olympia Sample Sale Is Going to Get Pillaged Today

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Update: Prices have been reduced for Thursday, the second and final day of the sale. According to brand representatives, shoes are now starting at $150 and go up to $300 and bags start at $75 and go up to $300.

When we arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel for the Charlotte Olympia sample sale just before the doors opened to VIP shoppers this morning, a line had already woven its way through the second floor. Even those with permission to bypass the line were forming a line of their own right in front of the Vanderbilt Room. Suffice to say, this sale is popular. And the shoe on everyone's mind? Those kitty flats.

The overall selection this time around is pretty admirable. Sizes ranged from 34 to 42, including some half sizes, but sizes 36 through 38 were the most well-stocked. For the most part, this is your last chance to buy whatever is available. The most common pieces, at least, were no longer on the website, and they won't be restocking. So while the choices may be impressive now, who's to say what will remain once that long line is set loose.

When it comes to prices, it's hard to get specific. This sale operates on a color-coded sticker system, with prices ranging from $100 $150 to $400. The general rule of thumb is the higher the heel, the higher the price, but it's a steal no matter what with the brand's shoes normally retailing around $800. Photos weren't allowed inside this sale, so we pulled some examples of what we found in the gallery above.

For bag lovers, the discount is even heavier. While the selection is noticeably smaller, it operates on the same sticker system as the shoes, meaning you're paying the same low prices for pieces that are notably more expensive, like the hard-shell clutches that teeter over $1,000.

If the VIP crowds were any indication this morning, expect the sale's public hours to be even crazier. If you've got your heart set on picking out a pair of shoes today, try and sneak in after the lunch hour but before the commuter rush. Check out the Dealfeed below for hours, and remember that this is not the only shoe sample sale going on this week.