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Lululemon's Flatiron Flagship Has a Concierge to Book Soulcycle Bikes

Courtesy of Lululemon

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The Lululemon flagship officially opened today at 114 Fifth Avenue in Flatiron, and there's a lot to take in — literally. This is the brand's largest store to date, with 11,500 square feet of space for shoppers to shop, grab a coffee, or just roam around and absorb all the stretchy goodness.

It's hard to articulate just how absolutely massive this place feels, but here's a start: you can actually fit the entire Soho men's store inside the men's department here. It's also the first store where nearly half of it is dedicated to community space (more on that in a minute), and offers a concierge service that can do anything from messenger packages home (for free), make dinner reservations, or book a spot at an exercise class — even if it's the hardest class to get into at Soulcycle.


For those who really appreciate high-tech gadgets, be sure to try out the digital board that's at the front of the store. Guests can use it to do things like look up nearby workout studios on the "Places to Sweat" map (of which there's plenty in Flatiron) or find the closest place to get a hot chocolate on the "Places to Eat" map. The board can also be used to book those reservations for classes and restaurants, so if head concierge Emma seems a bit backed up, the digital board is a great Plan B.

Once you've finished shopping (or playing), head downstairs to see Hub Seventeen, a space that probably looks like loft you once saw in your New York real estate dreams. It comes complete with a kitchen, long community tables, and a living room area. When the Hub Seventeen light is illuminated above the stairs, the space is open for guests to use to relax, catch up on work — there's Wifi and tons of outlets — or sit down and watch whatever's playing on the projector in the living room. When the light is turned off, that means it's being used for a private event (just about anyone can rent this space out).


The back half of Hub Seventeen is designated for workshops, and it's decked out with all the equipment an exercise instructor would need to teach a class, plus a changing room, lockers, and a bathroom. So if you're using the community space to catch up on emails and see that a yoga workshop is about to begin, you can head over and take the class. Ultimately, Lululemon plans to have five workshop classes every day.

There are also a bunch of programs that the flagship has planned for Hub Seventeen, like "The Frame," where one Saturday every month you can head to the store to watch an indie flick curated by Rooftop Films, and "The Resident," where an emerging artist is chosen to create artworks and custom products for the store.


The Lululemon flagship is way more than just a place to shop — it's truly a place to get a real taste of what the Lululemon lifestyle is all about. Your next peek into the brand comes via its first US "lab shop" in Noho that'll likely open early next year.


114 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA