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Theory's Sample Sale for Women Has All the Basics You Know and Love

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When we first walked into the Theory women's sample sale at 261 West 36th Street this morning — remember, there are two this week — we were overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise. But as disorientation faded into excitement, we were thrilled to peruse the racks (and racks, and racks!) of blazers, pants, blouses, dresses, and skirts at serious discounts.

The sale is organized by size, with 12s up first right after the door. The sizes decrease as you walk towards the back of the space, ending with 0s and 00s against the wall. A small section of men's apparel (surprise!) is behind these in the back right-hand corner. Sweaters are hanging up behind a table across from the size 12s in the front, and you can request a style and size and have sales staff hand it to you.

Prices for women's tops are as follows: $49 for tees, $89 for shirts and blouses, $119 for sweaters, and $189 for leather and suede tops. We didn't see too many tees, but the selection of blouses is excellent. Plain black and white silky button downs (originally $275 and $245, respectively) are well-stocked in all sizes, as are tanks with chiffon at the neckline (was $215) in various colors.

Pants will put you back $109, or $369 for leather or suede styles. Tailored trousers in navy and black (was $275) are abundant in all sizes. A white crepe wide-leg style (originally $315) stood out, as did gray suede leggings (was $995). Skirts are also starting at $109 as well, with leather and suede styles priced at $279 and a leopard-print pony hair style going for $369. There are way more pants than skirts, most of which look like one part of a suit set. In skirts, we did spot a leather and suede patchwork mini (was $495).

Shoppers this morning were flocking to the dresses, which are going for $149, or $369 if leather and suede is involved. A short-sleeved leather style with geometric knit panels (was $1,125) was popular, as was a black silky number with a layered bodice (was $365).

There isn't a huge selection of blazers, but what is there is well-stocked. These are priced at $179, as is the Flavio vest. We noted a few different types of black blazers that are marked down from around $400, as well as a blue one with leather lapels that was $370.

Other vests and all outerwear are $229, with leather and suede jackets priced at $449. Jackets with leather just on the sleeves are also $449. We didn't notice a great selection of outerwear, but a few leather jackets caught our eye. There is a white longline puffer vest that is inexplicably very popular (was $415), and the jackets with leather sleeves come in a few colorways.

The men's section doesn't have any pants, but long-sleeve knits are $49, dress shirts are $59, sport shirts are $79, sweaters are $99, vests are $129, and outerwear is $259. There isn't a lot there, and it's mostly sweaters and sport shirts. There are a few coats and one style of quilted vest, but those were going quickly. Shoppers were ransacking those dress shirts, which are on a table in boxes organized by size.

Dressing rooms are in the front by the registers, and note that there is a ten-item limit of what you can bring in. When we left at noon, the line was half way down the block, with about 100 people waiting to get in. The sale runs through Saturday at 5pm; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.