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At the Marchesa Sample Sale, Gowns are $1,000 Off

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It's a good thing we were able to stop by the Marchesa sample sale early, because by the time we left, a mob had formed outside the doors and sales associates were preparing for a swarm. "They're all going to come running," one told us knowingly. "You might want to take a video." Instead, we made a quick escape, but not before perusing what was on offer. In a word? Incredible.

It sometimes seems like sales either have great selection or great prices; this one has both. The discounts on the Notte and Couture collections available here are heavy, and the selection is wide. The cocktails dresses ($195) are each adorned with intricate lace and designs, and the gowns ($295, down from an incredible $1,295) are elegant and modern. While the pieces aren't often marked with sizes, almost every style covered the full range. You won't have to go in crossing your fingers that something will be in your size — you'll have to go in crossing your fingers that you'll be able to choose.

When it comes to the one-offs, you're not going to find any rejects. In fact, one cocktail dress was in the mix because the material made it too expensive for them to mass-produce, but this unique dress could be all yours at a significantly lower price.

The other half of the room is filled with couture dresses, mostly floor-length and covered in bags that you have to take with you if you buy the dress — no exceptions. For these pieces, prices are as-marked, but tend to hover around the $1,000 range, with a few shorter dresses dipping as low as $650.

While the venue is small, at least it's equipped with a fitting room. You can try on up to five pieces at a time, which is good if you're deciding between sizes. The associates told us that they're also keeping more sizes in the back, so feel free to ask. However, that's it in terms of restocking, and judging by the mob this morning, you might want to get yourself to West Chelsea immediately. Check out the details in the Dealfeed below.