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The Rebecca Taylor Sample Sale Has Lots of Dresses and Samples Starting at $25

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Update: As of Thursday Morning, prices have been reduced by an additional 30 percent. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery above.

The Rebecca Taylor sample sale officially opened at 9am on Monday,, but we stopped by the preview last night at 260 Fifth Avenue to check it all out. There are tons of gorgeous dresses and tops from the fall 2015 collection, with pants, skirts, gowns and shoes up for grabs as well, coming in at up to 75% off retail prices.

Prices start at $59 for knit tops and then move to $99 for blouses, pants, and skirts; $119 for sweaters; $129 for dresses and jumpsuits; $169 for jackets; $199 for "black tie" items; and $259 for outerwear. Samples follow a slightly different, lower pricing system: knit tops start at at $25; shorts, skirts, pants, blouses, sweaters, and jumpsuits are going for $50; dresses and black tie is $75; jackets are $100; and outerwear is $150.

Shoppers at the preview were flocking to the samples in the back left corner, but most seemed disappointed. We noticed that many of the styles on the sample racks were also available on the floor, and were way more crumpled and worn-looking than their floor counterparts.

The sale space is organized by size, with XS/0 beginning on your left as you enter. To the right are S/2, S/4, and so on until L/12. The smaller sizes have the best selection, with 10s and 12s allocated to just two or three racks each. Sharp black blazers are available in all sizes, and are going for $169 (from $395). We also noticed a blue cocktail dress marked down to $129 f(rom $425), blue wide-legged pants for $99 (from $325), and a white leather grommeted top for $99 (from $650). There are only a few styles of coats, most notably a long, wrap-style black-and-white tweed piece going for $169 (was $550).

Dressing rooms are in the back left corner behind the samples, and across the room on the right-hand side are the jumpsuits ($129). There is only one rack, and all sizes are equally stocked. We liked a floral jumpsuit with a mesh faux-open back (was $395).

Shoes are on a table along the right-hand side of the wall by the stairs. We suggest stopping here first, as all styles are $50 and there is plenty of back stock for Rebecca Taylor styles. There are a few pairs of Loeffler Randall shoes — most notably some perfect black ankle booties — but we were warned that those are likely one-of-a-kind. In a similar vein, there's a Rebecca Taylor moto-inspired ankle boot that we liked as well.

Past the shoes are bins of sweaters ($119). Available styles are hung up on racks behind them, and then it appears that shoppers have to rummage through those bins, organized by size, to try to find the one they're looking for. The last bin is full of scarves (mostly animal-patterned), hats, and gloves (mostly sparkly), all for $45. There are a few pairs of tights ($45) and a few styles of belts ($45) near the registers. Bags ($50) are on a rack behind those, but there were only eight or so styles out — we liked a brown crossbody with neon stitching marked down from $350.

The sale runs through Saturday at 7pm, and markdowns are likely to come later in the week; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.