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'Clarissa Explains It All' Lives On in a Novel Set in New York City


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The 90s are back (again) in a major way. The chatty heroine with a penchant for talking to the camera on Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All is all grown up and living in New York City — or at least that's how series creator Mitchell Kriegman sees it in the novel picked Things I Can't Explain, published earlier this week.

According to Brokelyn, the book finds Clarissa Darling, now 26, "jobless, missing her friend Sam, and drinking way too much coffee." She lives in a converted "ghostly office" in the Financial District. Why there? "In her desperation after she breaks up with her boyfriend, she takes the first thing she can get," Kriegman explained to the blog. "I thought the loneliness of FiDi was kind of interesting." She roommate-less, too, after a less-than-ideal situation in the past.

"I think in that way she's emblematic of what the whole generation has gone through, including having student loans and a lot of the other issues," he continued. "I think she has to hope she can pull it off. And I think it takes a lot of resourcefulness on her part to do so."

Kriegman added that he has Clarissa's life figured out "all the way up to when she's older and has kids... [and] I think she'll stay in New York for awhile, but nothing is forever." Let's place bets on which outer borough she ends up in for the sequel.