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The Steven Alan Sample Sale, Day Two: Fewer People, Less Merchandise

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Steven Alan's sample sale opened yesterday with a huge amount of stock and an even bigger line outside. This morning, we checked back in after the initial madness to find a picked-over sale, but at least no lines. Overall, while the available options are dwindling, the sale is still worth checking out if you can set aside a big chunk of time to carefully comb the racks for special finds. The sale is huge, so we've mapped it out below to make it (hopefully) a little easier for you to shop.

Starting with the first-floor accessories room, there's still a lot left. In the back, an overall lack of interest in the kid's clothing means that those racks are still well organized. Surrounding the walls are an abundance of Edith Miller tops ($20) and dresses ($35) spilling out of the shelves. There are still a lot of Lad sweaters ($30 to $150), but the larger sizes aren't so plentiful.

For handbags, there are plenty of Steven Alan handbags, with prices further reduced on larger bags ($95 from $120) and small crossbody bags ($70). However, the $25 circle crossbody bags we saw yesterday have been completely snatched up. For non-Steven Alan bags, there's little left. We did find a couple of small Clare V. foldover clutches for $75 and a lone racing stripe zip wallet for $90 — check them out in the gallery above.

The middle bins holding $35 belts, $20 snapbacks, and $25 hats are still full, but the bins of $30 swimsuits and $75 cashmere scarves are running low on supply. The heavily discounted candles ($5 to $25) that were once by the register are long gone.

Downstairs is where it gets good. The first room of men's clothing is still full of cozy soft sweaters ($80—-$150), heavily discounted Baldwin raw denim ($50), and Steven Alan apparel. Shoe-wise, there's a large selection of styles and sizes, and it's all well organized with neatly stacked boxes of New Balances ($80) and men's loafers ($150). While we were in the men's section, associates were quickly reorganizing and folding the men's merchandise.

But once you cross over to the women's side of the downstairs area, it's total disorganized madness. We spotted some Steven Alan brand leather knee-high boots ($185), but couldn't find sizes other than 40 and 41. Same goes for the Isabel Marant leather moccasins ($250). However, if you have a lot of time and patience to comb through the disorganized boxes and stray shoes, you'll be able to score great deals.

Clothing-wise, there is not a very large selection of women's non-Steven Alan denim and bottoms. We managed to find one pair of loose cut size 40 Acne Studio jeans ($125) and some size 29 Frame Denim shorts ($29), but middle sizes are rare. For women's apparel, it's really luck of the draw. We found an Isabel Marant button-down for $150, a casual Acne Studios long sleeve top for $90, and a silky A.P.C. blouse for $150. Once again, if you're willing to put in the time, you will probably be rewarded with something to your liking.

While there wasn't a line when we got to the sale at 11am, by the time we were leaving an hour, a small line had started forming outside (we blame lunch). If you're planning on heading over to the sale later today and want to avoid queuing outside, cut out of the office early. For exact dates and times of the sale, check out the Dealfeed below.