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Zara in the Financial District Is Open and Not Claustrophobia-Inducing

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Tell Soho to take some pointers. Racked reporter Linda Yang popped into the just-opened Zara in the Financial District (the one we were expecting to open sometime before Thanksgiving) this morning to tell us that "it's the first Zara that I haven't felt claustrophobic in."

If you've had your eye on something from their website or Instagram account (like those Aquazurra-lookalike flats), it's worth making the trip toward the tip of Manhattan to shop at this location that's "huge — cavernous, actually" over others. "Because it's new, everything is still well-stocked," Yang added. And because it's kind of undiscovered right now, save for the few tourists wandering in and out, it could stay that way for awhile. It's "probably the best stress-free Zara experience I've had," she concluded.


Let's hope that remains the same when the store's semi-annual hits around the end of the year — Shoppers know how torturous those long dressing room lines can be at popular locations. Next up for the fast-fashion retailer is likely its new, biggest-ever (and super expensive) Soho location, which has been covered with a huge construction facade since early summer.

Zara Financial District

222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038, USA