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The Kardashians Would Not Allow This Onesie Store in Their Soho Building, Would They?


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In case news of the arrival of a cupcakery wasn't enough of a sign that the Kardashians abandoned plans to take over the five-story building 63 Spring Street, maybe the arrival of a store selling primarily fleece onesies is. Onepiecea clothing brand specializing in onesies that allows shoppers to pay using their social media followers as currency (yes, really — you can get one dollar in credit for every 500 followers you have), just moved its pop-up into the ground-floor space on the corner of Lafayette Street.

Oh, and fun fact: that's the North West corner of the block.

In case Onepiece sounds familiar, it's because they previously popped up at 577 Broadway, now home to American Eagle's single-size store Don't Ask Why. Here, it's joining a forthcoming Baked by Melissa and an already-open Tiny Empire, a juice bar based in Williamsburg that whips up useful smoothies, too.

The Onepiece pop-up shop will be open 10am to 9pm daily until January 15th.


63 Spring St, New York, NY 10012, USA