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The See by Chloé Sample Sale Is Filled With Heavily Discounted Dresses

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This afternoon, we stopped into the See by Chloé sample sale in its midtown showroom. The kid-sister line of Chloé is known for its fresh and flirtatious Parisian styles, and we were excited to see what they had to offer. After checking out the sale, we can confirm that the sale is living up to its advertised 70% off discounts.

And furthermore, it's stocked to the brim with clothing for all seasons — florals for spring flings, neutral grays and blacks for the bitter winter months, and much more — in all sizes. If you're dead-set on picking up a new handbag or winter coat, you're going to be a little disappointed by the small assortment. But if you're in the market for a new dress (or two, or three...) you're going to run into a lot of luck.

First, let's talk about the good, because there's a lot of it. The neatly arranged racks of clothing are mostly filled with dresses of all kinds. Silky black cocktail dresses, casual knit jerseys, velvet tank top styles, ruffled day dresses, and summer-ready eyelet styles are just a small sliver of the large selection. One of our favorite items was an office-to-date-night navy and gray knit dress, discounted to $127. Other top picks included a strapless green eyelet dress that just screams "take me to a beach" and a silk ruffled dress, both going for $264.

Other than dresses, there's a good amount of knitwear and tops. We found some sturdy-looking sweaters for $125, a bright tangerine turtleneck for $154 and an I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend open front cardigan for $165. Flouncy silk tops ($150 and up) and graphic tees ($49) are also abundant.

From the murmurs of other shoppers, we learned that when the sale first opened to the public this morning, there were three different handbags styles on offer — but by the time we checked out the sale around lunchtime, there were no bags in sight. Coats are also now in short supply. We found three different styles (the best was a navy peacoat going for $260), and there's just one or two of each style left. Check out the gallery above for photos and if you just gotta have those coats, we would suggest you hurry over to the sale.

For bottoms, there's a selection of different trousers and jeans, albeit a rather small selection. It's slim pickings for jeans: There are two different styles, one with bedazzled beading and one sans-sparkle but with a big See by Chloé logo on the back pocket, for $128. While rifling through the jeans, we couldn't find any sizes larger than a 27. For the trousers, there's a bigger size selection, with size 29s and above aplenty.

Check out the Dealfeed below for exact dates and times of the sale, which stretches through Sunday.