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Maison Kitsuné, Want les Essentiels Are Deeply Discounted at This Showroom Sample Sale

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This morning, we popped into the Want Agency sample sale to find a large selection of leather goods and an even larger selection of apparel for both men and women. For a quick reminder, the brands on sale are cult clothing line Mason Kitsuné, leather goods loversWant Les Essentiels, waterproof shoe brand Swims, and the up-and-coming Japanese brand, Tomorrowland.

Walking into the sale, the first thing you're going to notice is the large assortment of Want Les Essentiels accessories. To our surprise, the front table of perfectly structured leather goods (backpacks, small pouches, meeting-ready briefcases) was only a small sample of the selection. We particularly liked a charcoal gray backpack going for $450 (from $995) and a small color-blocked card carrier for $60 (from $145).

Surrounding, the first table of $275 leather pouches and small backpacks was the men's selection of clothing, with Tomorrowland and Mason Kitsuné. We found ample jackets for the coming cold months and lots and lots of well-tailored men's bottoms. A navy blazer style Tomorrowland overcoat for $225 and a fur-trimmed green suede Mason Kitsuné bomber jacket for $1,110 especially caught our eye.

The front of the sale is all men's. So, if you're looking for heavily discounted on-trend women's apparel and accessories, we suggest you make a beeline towards the back. Once you get there, rows and rows of Mason Kitsuné and Tomorrowland clothing will greet you.

The women's section is laid out the same way as the men's selection (accessories in the middle, clothing on rack fanned around); however, you're going to find a much larger selection for everything, minus shoes. A sales associate informed us that they're going to constantly restocking the Want Les Essentiels bags, so don't sweat if there's only one bag of a particular style laid out.

But what is nerve-wracking is that many of the clothing options are the last ones left. If you take the time to dig through all of the racks, you'll find cheekily printed Mason Kitsuneé dresses ($100—$300), Tomorrowland coats ($300—$600) and kicky bottoms from both brands ($100—$250).

This sale isn't too shoe-heavy for women. But, hidden in the back on the Mason Kitsuné accessories table, we found three shoe-gems: black leather booties ($200), calf-skin boots. and a pair of Parisian-looking strappy pumps ($175). Also on the table are small kitschy fox trinkets ($80), delightful little coin pouches ($100), hats ($75), and belts ($50).

For men, there's an ample supply of Swim's shoes all going for $40 a pair, plus a more limited selection of Want Les Essentiels leather shoes. However, all the Want Les Essentiels shoes are stylish and heavily discounted, with sneaker styles going for $175 and boots for $275.

The sale opened this morning at 11 am; take a gander the Dealfeed below for more logistics, and for photos of our favorite finds, check out the gallery above.