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Jenny Packham's Sample Sale Is So Sparkly and So Expensive

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This morning we stopped by Jenny Packham's one-day bridal sale at 71 Gansevoort Street, where we found sparkly accessories to accompany amazingly pretty (albeit expensive) beaded bridal and bridesmaid gowns. Here's what you should know before you head to the sample sale.

There is a "one in, one out" at the door, and only 15 people are allowed to shop at a time. The room hadn't reached capacity while we were there, and a line hadn't formed either. Once inside, you'll check your coat and bag and see two clearance bins —one marked $25, the other $50 — with miniature veils, black headbands and feathers right by the the entrance

Jewelry is what you'll spot next on the right-hand side. Though the pieces have individual price tags, the sales associates ask that you ignore them and pay attention to the price list on the wall. Headdresses start at $75 for the small ones, $150 for the medium, and $200 for the large. Bracelets range from $60 to $100 ,depending on size. Necklaces are priced between $75 and $100, while rings and small accessories are $65.

Dresses and gowns are arranged by size, and priced as marked (so, pay attention to these tags). Packham uses UK sizing, but the translations are posted above the dress racks. Bridal gowns are on the right side of the room and are priced from $675 to $3,500. Regular dresses are on the left side of the room, priced from $720 to $3,000. There is a under-$500 section toward the back, by the fitting rooms. Click through the gallery above to see a few styles available at the sale, including the jewelry price list.

There is a limit of six items in the dressing room, and sales associates are eager to place the dresses in rooms for customers as they shop. The sale ends today if you plan on stopping by, so be sure to check out the Dealfeed below for more details.