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The Helmut Lang Sample Sale Is Effortlessly Cool and Up To 60% Off

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Update: As of Saturday morning, all merchandise is an additional 20% off. Original sale prices are reflected in the report below and in the captions of the gallery above.

The doors opened early for this morning's Helmut Lang sample sale, but you definitely wouldn't have known it. The crowd was out in force, hoping to get up to 60% off on everything from accessories ($69—$159) to leather jackets ($499) to dresses ($119—$199) to shoes ($159). With such diverse sizes and a full selection, the sale feels more like shopping an in-store deal rather than scrounging for last-minute discounts.

Those still looking to gear up for winter weather need look no further than this sale's ample outerwear. Fur and shearling jackets range from $379 to $599, a drastic step down from their original over-$1,000 price tags. When it comes to leather jackets, take your pick of black and beige classics ($499) or the more affordable combos ($349), each as impressive in their effortlessly cool style as they are in their warmth.

For the days when you don't need to wrap yourself up, you can still layer on the cashmere ($159), blouses ($89—129), classic logo tees ($29), and cut and sew tops ($49), and pair them with a pair from the wide selection of jeans and dress pants (both $79—$129).

While the men's section is smaller, it's no less impressive — in fact, it seemed to be drawing the biggest crowd this morning. Jeans ($79) and jackets ($199—$599) stole the show, with classic black leather jackets rubbing shoulder seams with more basic zip-ups.

The accessories and shoes seemed to be thrown into the sale as an afterthought. Shoppers could choose between what appeared to be only two styles of shoes, and a box of plastic-wrapped hats, and gloves that was less than enticing. This is likely because there was no way for these items to not be dwarfed by the rest of what was on offer. Customers started treating the footwear table as a place to rest their clothing picks while they went off to find even more tops, skirts, and dresses to add to their spoils.

Both a fitting room and mirrors make this an easy place to narrow down your choices — or to not narrow anything at all. Almost every discount falls between 50% and 60%, so if you can't decide between two white blouses, you're perfectly within your right to throw them both into your bag. They'll also be restocking, so you can keep dropping by to pick up more discounts.

Check out the Dealfeed below for when and where to take advantage of the sale.