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The Alexis Bittar Sample Sale is Heavy on the Lucite

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The Alexis Bittar sample sale opens tomorrow at 10am, and we stopped by the preview this evening at 151 Wooster Street to check out the merchandise. Lucite dominates the selection, and it looks like the fine jewelry section has been expanded from the last sale.

Pieces get more expensive as you move towards the back of the room. First up are earrings and rings, priced from $35 to $50. There are Lucite studs in multiple colorways for $35, and chunky Lucite rings for $50. Notable styles include a metal wolf ring ($50) and stone-studded hoops ($50) — check them out in the gallery above.

Next are thin bangle bracelets ($35—$50) that are mostly neon. The chain-link teardrop styles embellished with stones are priced at $50. A table of necklaces is behind the bracelets, and those styles are also between $35 and $50. There are a lot of Lucite pendant necklaces, like the one pictured above for $50. We also liked a metal style with a pyramid pendant for $35.

A table of mid-priced rings and earrings (both $65—$75) is behind the necklaces. These styles are more sophisticated, and we saw a sparkly ring for $65, as well as a chunky ring with a tasteful Lucite center for $75. Another notable style was a ring with a fish chasing three stones for $75. Earrings are mostly dangly hoops with Lucite detail in the middle ($75). We did spot a stunning pair with dangling blue stones, and Lucite pendants with faux-coral detail.

Mid-priced bracelets are in the center of the room and are also $65—$75. There's still a lot of Lucite here, but the styles are overall less neon. There is a dark metal bracelet with embellishments ($75) that stood out. Necklaces in the mid-price range ($65—$75) are also more elegant, but still Lucite. A style with the same faux-coral detail as the earrings mentioned above is particularly nice at $75.

The pricier necklaces start on the same table as the mid-priced styles, and are going for $100—$150, including dainty chain necklaces in assorted lengths. We liked a geometric style for $150, and a metal spiky necklace for $125.

The most expensive fashion necklaces are along the back of the space and range from $200—$600. We spotted a sculptural gold-toned necklace ($500) and a gold choker ($500) on display with a blue pendant under it ($450). We also liked a claw-inspired choker priced at $200. Pricier earrings are going for $100—$200, and are mostly dangly. There are pins for $150—$200, and rings and bracelets for $100—$150.

Fine jewelry is on the back right-hand side of the space near the registers. Prices range from $450 to $1,425. Notable styles include a tennis bracelet ($1,425), an elegant cuff bracelet ($575), a green ring ($285), rings with a single stone ($200), circle pendant necklaces ($625), a long blue pendant necklace ($1,425), and small stud earrings ($150).

Each piece should be individually marked, and sales staff are available to help you with any questions. The sale runs through Saturday at 6pm, just up the street from La Perla; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.