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Beyoncé Finally Instagrammed the Most Instagrammable Place In NYC

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A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Noted Frida Kahlo fan Beyoncé — she dressed up as the artist last Halloween, in case you were in the market for some Bey-approved costume inspo — finally visited the New York Botanical Garden's Frida Kahlo exhibit. And just like you did when you visited, she Instagrammed the hell out of it.

Aside from not one, but three photos of various flora, as well as two photos of her decked out in alice + olivia and attempting a rather Annie Hall-esque interpretation of a leather pant, Blue Ivy also made a very adorable appearance, which we're assuming to mean but one thing: This Halloween, it'll be Blue Ivy dressed in the monobrow and butterfly headdress.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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