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Soulcycle's Warehouse Sale Is Low on Sports Bras, But Well-Stocked Otherwise (Updated)

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Update: Soulcycle announced on Friday evening that prices have been reduced for the remainder of the sale. Sweats and capris are now $28, and all other items are $15. Original prices are reflected below and in the gallery captions above.

This Tuesday, there was a line stretched around the block waiting for the Soulcycle warehouse sale to open — people wanted their $38 hoodies, $28 tanks, and $28 sports bras, damnit. But for those who decided to forgo the opening day madness there is now a significantly smaller crowd (there was a line of 20 people tops when we popped by at 11am) and plenty of branded workout gear left.

The sale has been restocking every day, so the type of merchandise shown in our last report is what you can expect today. Prices haven't changed, but now there is a "buy three, get one free" discount on all categories, with the lowest-priced item being free. The only thing that doesn't seem to be getting restocked is the sports bras — the selection was minuscule, and we could only find XS and XL sizes. But for your legging, sweatshirt, and workout top needs, this sale has you covered.

One thing that could account for a longer wait time today is that the sale is staggering the amount of people let in at once. If you're hoping to avoid a line, we advise you to avoid the busier times, lunchtime, after-work rush hour. Check out the Deelfeed below for the remaining times and dates.