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What You'll Find at Nolita's Women-Powered Pop-Up Shop

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Girl power is the phrase that comes to mind when asked to describe Nude House, the concept shop that opened this week on Elizabeth Street in. Founded by entrepreneurs Nhu Le, Aggie Burnett, Tracy Dungo, and Theresa Krier, this pop-up is a female force to be reckoned with — not only was it created by women, but each and every brand that Nude House carries is female-owned. So it's women-power, really.

When planning to head over, make sure to leave an ample amount of time — this is totally the type of place that you could get lost in, metaphorically (it's not very big). Nude House carries everything a woman needs in her life, from clothing and accessories to beauty products, travel-inspired perfumes, and organic teas. Plus, plenty of what's featured here is local.

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You'll likely get sucked in from the second you get there, whether it's by the display of Loopy Mango chunky knit hats and DIY knitting kits or the Big T NYC tea bar. There's just so much to see: The display of adorable Kalaki Riot jewelry, all made from recycled metals (check out the Aloha necklace — it's seriously killer), and the colorful handcrafted scarves by Sheila Johnson are two standouts.

Then there's the beauty section, where you'll find all-natural Nomaterra perfumes, products from MUN's organic skincare line, and Finding Ferdinand lip color kits that you can use to customize a shade. The real bonus, though, is the garden in the back. It's fully equipped with tables and chairs for shoppers to lounge with a tea bar beverage.

This is what you'll find right now, anyway. Nude House plans on changing its theme and introducing new products every week. Be sure to stop in soon if you're a fan of Alexandra Richards: she's put together a collection of her favorite products from the store. But if you don't catch her display, you'll still see one from a different female tastemaker on a weekly basis; next up is by journalist Allie LaForce.


Originally, the shop was scheduled to close at the end of October, but Nude House just extended their run through the end of December — right in time for the holidays. And if things continue to go well for Nude House, perhaps they'll establish a permanent residence on Elizabeth Street.

Nude House

252 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012, USA