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How Did Katie Holmes Find Herself on an Empty Penn Station Platform in a Ballgown?

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Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

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There's nothing pretty about the schlubby transportation hub Penn Station, smushed beneath Madison Square Garden and perpetually clogged with commuters. But somehow, beam of light Katie Holmes managed to find herself boarding on train on a near-empty platform yesterday evening — sure, she was dressed in a voluminous, strapless red ballgown with matching red heels, but really the void of people on the platform is what's most noticeable here.

"Heels and a train...nothing better #newyork #pennstation" she captioned the shot. We could think of a few things that are better, though: Cute flats, a limo, and...anywhere but Penn Station, really.

Was she actually headed to somewhere in Jersey? Probably not! Was she shooting an ad for one of the brands she shills? Most likely! But let's ignore these "facts" for a moment to just pretend that she's doing it for the story. Wait, no, it's 2015 — she's doing it for the Instagram.