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At the Maje Sample Sale, Prices Aren't Changing (Update: Except They Just Did)

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Update: As of Friday evening, the sale host announced that all items are now an additional 20% off. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery above.

When Maje kicked off its sample sale on Tuesday, we found a large supply of fur-lined coats, statement sweaters, and warm winter-ready accessories. We popped back in this morning to happily find an abundant supply of, well, everything — racks are still bursting with clothing. Printed jackets? Check. Funky denim? Check. Demure dresses? Gold leather tank tops? Crazy-patterned sweaters? Check, check, check.

If you're a little hazy in terms of pricing, here's a rundown: tee shirts are $45, sweaters are $95, jackets are $125, and leather dresses are $195. Prices top off at $495 for fur coats. While tee shirts might seem a little pricey at $45, denim for $50 will make up for it.

And know that those prices will remain for the duration of the sale: We learned today that no additional discounts are planned. That's the official word so far, but keep your fingers crossed that history will repeat itself — we'll keep you in the loop if these discounts do indeed pop up later. (Update: It happened! Everything is an additional 20% off.)

Thanks to daily restocking, a variety of clothing is readily available, but smaller sizes are going fast (with the exception of coats, which have plenty of all sizes, and denim that is mostly small sizes). Luckily, Maje is known for running small, meaning there's no harm in petites picking up a larger size to try on.

In accessories, most of jewelry (starting at $25) has been cleaned out, but there are still plenty of $30 leather belts to choose from. Shoes are still located in the back beside the dressing rooms; however, they've been heavily picked over and are not being restocked. The small selection — size and style wise — makes the shoes a little disappointing.

This sale runs through Sunday afternoon, so check out the Dealfeed below for more details.