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The Ferragamo Sample Sale Is Now Up to 70% Off and One Day Longer (Updated)

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Update: A previous version of this sale incorrectly stated that all items are 70% off their original discounts — according to the sale host, ""All products are 50% off, and select apparel styles are 60%—70% off." Sale prices below and in the gallery above are listed as half-off, so note that some apparel will be even cheaper.

Today was supposed to be the last day of the Ferragamo sample sale, but sale host C21 Edition has informed us this morning that it's extended through Friday. Prices are now cut even further, too, now all the way down to up to an additional 70% off the original sale prices (looks like they're on the same wavelength as Club Monaco), though a commenter who attended the sale notes that many items are only half-off their discounted price.

When we stopped by last night to compare the selection to opening day, we were greeted with a short wait (not a long one) before entering the semi-packed venue. C21 staff is still handing out price lists when you enter, reminding shoppers to calculate the discounts from the listed prices.

Our first stop was to take a look at what's left in the handbags section, where everything is priced as marked. The bags were definitely picked over, and most of them have been moved to one side of the room. Some classic minimalistic styles remain: A black Nero bag is now priced at $34.50 (from $709), a beige exotic New Bone bag is now $480 (from $960), a small crossbody New Bianco bag is now just $164.50 (from $329), and a small caramel bag is now $251.50 (from $503). All of the red bags from the first day are gone, as are small clutches and wallets. It also appears that the jewelry and luggage is sold out, too.

Women's outerwear is now $449.50 (from $899) and has been moved to the handbag section, and only a few lone leather jackets remain. Also in this section are plenty of belts, which are now $84.50 (from $169), and what seems like an endless supply of sunglasses that are now just $74.50 (from $149).

In apparel, a few ready-to-wear styles were still quite packed on a few racks, but everything looked picked over. We didn't see any tee shirts or tank tops ,which would now be $24.50 and $14.50, respectively. Some of the skirts caught our eye, but not much else. Also, when we skimmed through the packed racks, we noticed a lot of larger sizes remain — you'd really need to dig through each piece to find anything under size 40, if they even remain. You're better off shopping what is left of the handbags, accessories, or shoes.

The shoe section upstairs was a bit of a madhouse last night, but has likely been straightened out for morning shoppers. Prices are now $99.50 for flats, $124.50 for heels, $149.50 ankle boots, and $249.50 for tall boots. The shoe boxes were scattered on the floor around the seats, and shoe styles and sizes were all over the place. From what we can tell, the best selection of shoes seem to be anything sized 8 and 9 — anything below or above that has slim pickings.

Those who fit in popular shoe size 7 will have less than a dozen of styles to choose from, though we did see plenty of the blue denim My Joy flats on the racks for sizes 7 and 7.5, but since this section can get disorganized quickly, double-check the sizes in every section if you see something you like before giving up.

The men's shoe section was a bit less hectic. We spotted many styles of black, brown, and white dress shoes ($174.50).There are also lots of street style-worthy sneakers ($124.50) to pick from, too. In men's apparel nearby, there are still plenty of dress shirts ($49.50) and outerwear ($449.50), including wool coats. In a glass case are a stack of small leather goods like iPad cases, phone cases and luggage tags, which are all now $49.50. A tray of silk ties remain for just $39.50.

This sale has already been hit with three markdowns — everything was briefly 50% off before the sale host decided to further discount select products up to 70% off this morning — so it seems like anything goes in these remaining hours. You've got until Friday at 9pm 6pm to shop; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.—Hsini