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Tibi's Sample Sales Are Officially Saying Goodbye to NYC for 2015

Tibi spring 2016
Tibi spring 2016
Victor Virgile/Getty Images

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After Tibi's Connecticut sample sale back in May, shoppers started to wonder if this was the brand's farewell to the New York City sample sale scene. Now Mizhattan indeed confirms that the contemporary women's fashion label won't be hosting an in-person sample sale at all in 2015, instead opting to take their discounts online.

This is good news for couch potatoes. The sample sale, running from October 8th through October 12th, will still feature the incredible deals (up to 80% off) you've come to expect from these events, minus the standing in line and elbowing through crowds you've come to loathe.

While the deals are significant, like these Malone sandals going for $135 and this suede wrap skirt for only $299, online shoppers notably miss out on the ability to truly inspect what they're buying, as well as to try it on. This shift in method could lead to hesitation at check out, but with all the deals such an easy click away, something tells us that won't be a problem.