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Club Monaco's Sample Sale Will Now Stretch Through the Week With Lower Prices

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Update: As of Friday morning, prices have been even further reduced among select categories, so know that what you'll pay might be even less than what's listed below and in the gallery above.

There is so much Club Monaco to go around at the brand's latest sample sale that the sale host is extending its run through Friday evening — and with some lower prices, too. After previewing the selection on opening day, we stopped in again last night just before the doors closed. The good news is that there's still indeed plenty of seasonal pieces to shop, but the bad news is that what's on the floor in the women's sections looks a bit, well, "womanhandled" — everything could use a thorough steam, and in some cases, a sewing kit.

First, those new prices: On the women's side, tees, tanks and polos are $29 (from $39), and blouses and shirts are $39 (from $59). Sweaters have been cut down to $49 (from $69), while those of the cashmere and knit variety are now $69 (all the way down from $109). All bottoms are now $49 (from up to $69), and dresses and jumpsuits are $69 (from $99).

Outerwear is now $259 (from $279), and the leather outerwear category has been removed from the price list, meaning it's all gone. Fur and shearling got slashed by a hundred bucks to $299, and blazers and lightweight jackets are now $99 (from $159)

There's good reductions in shoes, too, with flat sandals and espadrilles now $49 (from $59), flats for $79 (from $99), heels and wedges for $99 (from $129), and boots and booties for $139 (from $169).

For men, polos and knit tops are down to $29 (from $39) and shirts are $39 (from $59). Shorts are $29 (from $49) and all pants are $49 (from $69—$79), while swimwear dove all the way down to $19. Sweaters are $59, or $79 if they're cashmere or knit (from $69 and $109, respectively). Blazers and lightweight jackets are $99 (from $159) and outerwear is $259 (from $279). Leather is gone here too, but at least sneakers are now $39 and boots, dress shoes, and more are $99.

The size spread seemed to favor the small, but most people should be able to find a good selection of garments in their size. We particularly liked the gorgeous but dwindling selection of outerwear for both genders.

See what we found last night in the gallery above, and remember that you still need to be diligent about damages, which were spotted frequently in the women's section (less so in men's). An orange sticker on a garment highlights you to where the problems are — from minuscule to irreparable — in most cases, but everything should be inspected regardless.

Here's a friendly reminder that this sale only accepts credit cards, and the staff will be strict about not allowing try-ons, even if you're just putting a jacket over what you're already wearing (this does not seem to apply to shoes). See the address and new sale hours in the Dealfeed below.