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Uniqlo x Lemaire Will Be Back for the Holiday Season


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If you didn't get your hands on any Uniqlo x Lemaire when it flew off NYC store shelves on launch day or its post-weekend restock, don't fret. WWD reports that the Japanese retailer will be producing more of the collaboration collection for the holidays. That's just in time to gift friends and family (and yourself) with the cashmere sweaters, tops, and coats that sent everyone into a craze over the past week — some shoppers at Fifth Avenue went as far as stripping mannequins of clothing just a couple hours after it dropped on Friday.

"It was a global phenomenon," Uniqlo merchandising director Justin Kerr told the paper. "We were all very excited and wanted to see, ‘How do we keep the momentum going not only with the next collection but also chasing the fall collection as we move into the holidays?' That was something we wanted to achieve very quickly and Uniqlo's fantastic operation allows us to have that flexibility."

At the moment, it's unclear whether it'll be back on NYC store shelves or solely online — we'll keep you updated as we hear more. In the meantime, WWD says that there is some leftovers at the Fifth Avenue, Herald Square, and Soho stores to be found.