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Snag SoulCycle Gear for Up to 60% Off at the Warehouse Sale, If You're Brave Enough

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When the Soulcycle warehouse sale opened at 9am, the line for discounted tanks, hoodies, sports bras, and capris was already stretched down the block and wrapped around onto Prince Street. The restless crowd was placated with coupons for one free Soulcycle class (for first-time riders only, that is), and the light chatter that ensued made time pass quickly. All-in-all, the mood was pleasant — until you stepped inside.

While we were given early access to look through what was on offer at 151 Wooster Street last night, by 9:30am this morning, bins were being torn apart by eager fitness buffs and bargain hunters in search of the best deals. Those with the stamina — this is an activewear sale, after all — were in luck: There's a 60% discount on hoodies ($38) and tanks ($28), and sports bras are a mere $24. These items lined the perimeter of the venue, leaving as much space as possible for what appeared to be the main draw: the capris.

A seemingly endless selection of Nike, Lululemon, and Zara Terez capris and leggings filled deep bins labeled with sizes 2 through 10. Each bin had been frantically rifled through to ensure not a single pair was missed, and for good reason. The range of prints, styles, and patterns is as broad as the line is long. True Soulcycle devotees can purchase leggings emblazoned with studio mantras, while more subdued fans can get them in a solid color with the logo on the thigh.

The rest of the selection is equally as vast in both size and color. Tanks are dark, bright, heathered, distressed, or adorned with catchy slogans like "Tap it back" or "Front row." The bras, which seem to favor the smaller-chested, range in their level of support as well as style of strap. Most of them, unsurprisingly, were Soulcycle-themed, but you can grab one or two Nike basics if you're not looking for anything flashy.

If you don't enter the sale a huge Soulcycle fan already, you just might leave one. Every piece proudly displays the brand in a fun and fashionable way, and the upbeat and helpful sales associates make it hard to resist coming back (yes, despite the crowds). If you didn't have luck in your size or style the first time around, pop by anytime during it's five-day run — they're definitely restocking, and markdowns aren't off the table. Check out the Dealfeed below for dates and times.