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The Hermès Sample Sale and Its Epic Lines Return This Month

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Clear your calendars for Thursday, October 22nd — that's when Mizhattan reports that the Hermès sample sale is making its triumphant return to New York City. Though last year's selection isn't necessarily an indicator of what you'll find in two weeks, keep your fingers crossed for the reappearance of half-priced enamel bangles ($237.50 to $400, depending on width), silk scarves (about $225) and ties ($97.50). Note that all of these items had strict quantity limits per customer imposed.

While these items and perfumes were where customers were focusing (read: mobbing), the sale also had everything from cashmere sweaters for $335 to knee-high boots for $1,250 and even leather riding saddles for upwards of $3,000. Oh, and it also had patience-breaking lines. See the Dealfeed below for date, time, and location details.