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Plus-Size Shopping in NYC Department Stores Is Depressing

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Inside a Bloomingdale's store.
Inside a Bloomingdale's store.
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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Though some brands have taken recent baby steps to improve plus-size shopping online, the physical act of buying quality plus-sized clothing in a real store continues to be one giant, miserable schlep. And while there are a few gems favored by NYC's most stylish plus-size shoppers, the selection is grim when it comes to department stores.

Need proof? Styleite explored the plus-size sections at Macy's Herald Square, Bloomingdale's 59th Street, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and found that for shoppers size 12 and up, the only options are relegated into tiny, poorly lit, and unattractive corners of the relatively massive stores. And what's worse is that the clothes themselves are often shapeless, matronly and made with cheap fabrics. No wonder there were more clearance signs there than any other section in the stores.

Watch the full video below: