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Uniqlo x Lemaire Has Returned to NYC Store Shelves, But for How Long?

The well-stocked selection in Soho
The well-stocked selection in Soho
Rebecca Jennings

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If you thought your chances to grab Uniqlo x Lemaire slipped through your fingers after Friday's melee, you are mistaken (sometimes, it's nice to be wrong). The sleeper hit collaboration with the French label is back online and in all three Manhattan stores today — but for the latter, the amount of product you'll find in each location varies greatly. In short, know that if you're planning on hitting up any of these stores after work, they might not have every item from the collection on the shelves, or it might not be left in your size.


Associate editor Rebecca Jennings stopped by the Soho store on Broadway this morning to find plenty of cashmere sweaters, coats, tops, and pants stocked on the shelves for both men and women, and it looked like the sizing spread was fairly even. Unfortunately, sales associates were unclear as to whether there would be any restocking, so it's very likely that what you see here is what you get.


However, the selection wasn't quite as hearty at Herald Square, the store that was the least crowded in the hours after the collab dropped on Friday. Reporter Kathryn Lindsay stopped by this afternoon to find just a few racks of pants, skirts, and coats, most of which were size large with a few mediums sprinkled in (read: nothing small). A sales associate told her that there's nothing to restock and they won't be getting any more shipments.


Luckily, the selection up at Fifth Avenue is more like what's at Soho than Herald Square, with a lot of coats and sweaters in all sizes. But unfortunately, like Herald Square, they won't be restocking anything else here, either.

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