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Ricky's NYC Founder's Upscale Beauty Store Has Left Chelsea

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Ricky Kenig left the antics of his namesake Ricky's NYC shops behind when he opened the non-kitschy Kenig + Alcone just above West 14th Street last year, but it looks like his partnership with the makeup brand was not meant to last. Over the weekend, we noticed that the two-level storefront at 538 Sixth Avenue was up for rent.

But Kenig hasn't packed it in — he's just gone solo. The self-professed hair specialist's new website has ditched cosmetics and focuses on hair and beauty tools (think clips, bun shapers, and no-crease elastics, rather than sprays and gels). It doesn't look like a return to brick-and-mortar is in the works at the moment, but at least you can shop the clips favored by Kim Kardashian online.

Kenig + Alcone

538 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011 (917) 261-2640