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60+ Photos From Inside the Ferragamo Sample Sale (Price Update)

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Update: As of Wednesday afternoon, all merchandise is an additional 40% off. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the photo gallery captions.

The much-hyped Salvatore Ferragamo sample sale, which opened at noon today, had the usual dose of gigantic lines and pristine merchandise. And just like last time, shoppers were handed a price list before even entering the sale. Unlike last time, however, it appears that prices — at least some of them — have risen, though at least you don't have to do any math this time around. Let's dive in!

The first floor holds women's apparel, accessories, and handbags, the latter of which we'll start with. Prices are as marked and are mostly in the $450 to $850 range — a little more expensive than last time. The cheapest styles we spied were a small patent purple quilted clutch for $347, a small white bag for $329, and a small black bucket bag for $387 (on the other end, the most expensive one was a small rectangular trunk for $1,463). Medium-sized top handle bags, as well as crossbodies, start around $550 and go up to $850 for larger styles; see the photo gallery for specifics.

Nearby, there's a glass case full of colorful wallets, all $99, as well as another for scarves ($149 for skinny scarves, $129 for square), and another for sunglasses, all $149.

On to the clothes! Notable here is an embellished black couture dress that was originally $12,500 and now $395 (there are only two of them — the other is on the mannequin), as well as an equally embellished fringe skirt that was originally $9,900, available for just $179.

Starting on the back wall, there's a rather shiny selection of women's button-down blouses ($99), plus a few equally shiny pairs of trousers for $179. Skirts range from said embellished fringe to cute wool minis, and are all also $179. Dresses ($395), are made of everything from evening gowns to work-appropriate knee-length dresses.

As for jackets, all outerwear is $899, including leather zip-ups, quilted coats, wool coats, and particularly gorgeous pony hair coats — there's even one that's attached with what appears to be a fur stole.

Head upstairs and you'll find men's apparel and the sale's other crown jewel, the shoes. The selection (and sizing) is vast, with summer and fall styles ranging from size 4 to size 10 and up. If you're looking for the brand's classic Varas, we spied only a few available for $249 (normally $525). We didn't see any Pointy-Toe Bow Ballerinas, although there were many Varinas (like the Vara, but no heel) in a variety of sizes, as well as tons of elastic ballet flats — the kind that scrunch up when you're not wearing them — for $199.

Elsewhere in the shoe section, expect to find tons of pumps and heeled sandals for $249, and flat loafers, quilted or leather, for $199. Ankle boots, from stiletto to peep-toe, are $299, while the few precious tall boots we found are $399.

Over in mens' apparel, the stars of the show are the outerwear, including gorgeous shearling and leather varieties for a predictably pricey $999. Also among the racks: blazers ($299), dress shirts ($99), pants ($179), and suits ($499).

Phew! That's a lot of sample sale. While there's no word of markdowns just yet, last February's sale did have additional discounts for the final two days. See the Dealfeed below for hours and location.