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The Club Monaco Sample Sale Has Fall Coats, Sweaters, and Shoes at Up to 85% Off

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The first sight when we walked into the Club Monaco sample sale at 10:30am, a half hour before the massive line started to snake its way around the block outside Clothingline, was racks and racks of white and floral summer dresses. At exactly four weeks after Labor Day, this was disconcerting. Luckily, it's not representative — fall styles are the true star of this sale, and their prices are heavily slashed at up to 85% off.

A majority of the room is filled with pants and sweaters in the classy, muted tones we've come to expect from Club Monaco. Gray cabled cashmere knits ($109) follow black and chunky ribbed turtlenecks ($69) that go perfectly with dark jeans ($69) or even some comfy sweatpants ($69). Throw in some snakeskin mules ($129) or classic brown leather booties ($169), and your fall look is set.

The men's section, while slightly smaller, makes up for its size with its collection of pants, blazers, sweaters, and shoes all in a palette that is both professional and on-trend. Head to the photo gallery above for more examples of styles and pricing (including the full price lists) for both men and women.

When it comes to sizes, the selection is surprisingly vast. A good rule of thumb is that if there is many of one piece, the sizes lean larger, while any pieces on their own are likely 00.

Before you throw it all into the Ikea bags provided by Clothingline, take a look at the bright yellow signs posted around the room: "Please inspect each Club Monaco item prior to purchase, as some may have irregularities." That price tag might be too good to be true— in some acases, "irregularities" means "ripped ankles." There also aren't any fitting rooms this time around, and with the usual final sale warnings plastered around the register, know that whatever you're buying will be with you for the long haul.

As for restocking, it's unclear. Much of what's in this sale is a one-off or one-of-a-kind, but the more ubiquitous pieces will likely keep showing up. Stop by again if you dare, but that line isn't slowing down. Check out the Dealfeed below for more sale details.