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At the James Perse Sample Sale, We're Still Waiting on Discounts

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Earlier this week, we previewed the James Perse sample sale to find discounts that matched the advertised "up to 75% off" and lots of clothing for all seasons. And when we checked back earlier today, we found that there is still a lot of stock left, but dwindling middle sizes — and further discounts are nowhere to be found

If you’re a middle size (a 2 in the James Perse world), you might end up disappointed. When we pulled long-sleeved tops off the rack, 1s and 3s came up most often. You're pretty much set in the sizing department if you're looking for a colorful $30 tee (read: neutrals are getting wiped out), but larger sizes for the $20 tank tops were harder to come by. We spotted quite a few size 0 tops, but not many 2s and 3s.

The same applies to bottoms, but it's less severe for the $70 sweatpants and $40 skirts — in this section, you might have to dig around for the medium sizes, but you'll most likely end up leaving with your size. However, the $150 jackets, coats, and puffers are still well-stocked. If you need a good basic layering piece come winter, we would recommend checking these racks out.

Another section that hasn't been hit too hard? The men's section. There are still $150 jackets and sweaters, $60 button-down shirts, and $50 sweatshirts in all sizes (1—5) and various colors.

There's still plenty of women's athletic gear in the back, meaning lots of $30 sports capris and $50 hoodies in all sizes. But, if you're looking for a $20 sports bra, we could only find size 4s (XL). If you're looking for really discounted workout gear, we suggest waiting for next week's Asics sale in the same venue

Over in accessories, that small shoe selection is now even smaller. The $70 Birkenstocks are gone, as well as many of the other summer sandals. However, if you're still looking for a pair of $199 Golden Goose sneakers, you're in luck. There's still multiple sizes of the sneakers, and a perfectly-scuffed metallic gray pair caught our eye.

We were previously told that home goods would be coming in, but four days into the sale, there are no $60 bath and beach towels, no $399 blankets, and no $139 shams to be found. Sales associates said that they would be coming in later in the week, but just how late could they come — maybe at the same time as discounts? We'll let you know if either of these come in before the sale ends on Sunday. For more details, check out the Dealfeed below.