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'Period Underwear' Ads Will Blanket the Bedford Avenue L Train Station Next Month

Image Courtesy of Thinx

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Initially, Mass Transit Authority deemed Thinx's "period-proof" underwear subway ads "inappropriate," but after all of the social media outrage (periods are real!), the MTA has changed its mind. According to The Cut, the approved ad campaign will take over the entire Bedford Avenue L train station beginning Monday, November 9th.

Williamsburg wasn't selected at random for the ads' egg-and-grapefruit images — this was a calculated move on Thinx's part. "All these creative-type people are there, and there's a lot of cool co-working spaces," CEO Miki Agrawal, told the site. "It's creative mavens — the people who change culture, the culture-shifters. They're all at the Bedford L subway stop."

In addition, ads for the the underwear and its "patented four-layer system that wicks away fluid and traps it inside until it's cleaned" will appear in one out of every ten subway cars beginning next year.