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A Rick Owens Store Is Coming to Soho 'Soon'

Rick Owens spring 2016 at Paris Fashion Week
Rick Owens spring 2016 at Paris Fashion Week
Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

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While checking out the plethora of Yeezy Season 1 at Opening Ceremony earlier today, we noticed something interesting directly across the street: Though very faint, the Rick Owens logo appeared on storefront windows above the words "Coming Soon."

If things are what they seem, this would be Owens' second store in the city. He opened the doors at 250 Hudson Street nearly a decade ago, and back in 2013, he hosted a pop-up "Ephemere" at 70-72 Wooster Street for his DRKSHDW line. 32 Howard Street was previously home to Putnam & Co. (you can still see the sign above the door!), a family-owned ladder company that sold part of their lease for Jil Sander to open next door.

Considering that Owens likes to shock and be shocked, we're expecting him to unveil something totally out of the norm — when he's ready, of course. For now, we'll keep our eye on that address.

Rick Owens

32 Howard St, New York, NY 10013, USA