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There Aren't Many Leather Jackets at The Kooples' Sample Sale, Despite Restocking

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Update: For Saturday and Sunday, everything excluding leather jackets and outerwear will be an additional 20% off. Original discounts are reflected below and in the gallery captions above.

Earlier this week at The Kooples sample sale, we found lots of outerwear and a small selection of highly covetable leather jackets at pretty good prices. So when the sale host sent an email blast this morning touting new outerwear arrivals, we headed back to 151 Wooster Street to see exactly what they've got. For the most part, there is still a large selection of fur-trimmed and leather-paneled winter coats for $295 in multiple sizes — but oh mon dieu, the same can't be said for leather.

The $295 leather jackets that we predicted would go fast are just about gone. We spotted a couple sizes of a heavily-fringed suede jacket and a few of the more out-there styles — check these out (plus everything else we found today) in the gallery above. Most of these are in smaller sizes, with little left in mediums and larges. If you're looking for a good neutral wear-all-around leather jacket, you're going to be out of the luck at this sale.

The same applies to men's leather as well. We overheard a shopper stressing that "it was a whirlwind yesterday — everything good got snatched up." But for everything else, there's a lot of stock and sizing left, including an ample selection of knits, joggers, dresses, and blazers.

For a quick reminder, women's prices are $55 for denim, $45 for tees, $70 for blouses, $85 for knitwear, dresses for $115, and blazers for $175. For men, it's $195 for jackets and $85 for pants, and comparable prices to women's for tees, knits, and sweats. The men's selection is still well-stocked with slim cut suits, on-trend outerwear and workwear.

The three men's shoes we saw at the preview— the camel-colored ankle boot, the white high-tops, and the black boots — are all still there, but with limited sizes (small and large, no in-between). In women's shoes, there are still plenty of styles, but popular sizes like 38s were dwindling.

The accessories are still pretty well stocked, too. We spotted some kicky belts and luxe calfskin gloves, but were disappointed when their XS-ness meant they didn't fit our hands and waists. If you're on the smaller size, they are still worth checking out. There are still a couple of the small bucket bags left for $65 as well.

We're still crossing our fingers that markdowns will hit later today or tomorrow, as they did at the last sale — if it does, we'll make sure to let you know. The sale runs until Sunday at 4pm; for more logisitcs, check out the Dealfeed below.