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The Vince Sample Sale Better Bring Back Those Cashmere Sweaters


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Here's hoping that next week's Vince sample sale — kicking off at Chelsea Market next Wednesday, November 4th — has pretty much exactly the same merchandise as its last sample sale in June. That's when we found plenty of merchandise that's appropriate for our current weather, like jackets starting at $149 and leather jackets for $279, plus dresses and jumpsuits for $119, knit tops starting at $19, and so many wool and cashmere sweaters for only $99.

Unfortunately shoes weren't spotted last time around, so we're putting that on our wish list for next week as well. Note that the entrance to this sale is technically on the north side of Chelsea Market — if you try to enter through the building, security might ask you to go around. Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.